Retiree Spotlight: Lisa Heck

By Kimberly Rock-Shelton, Case Manager

If I had to choose the most iconic memory I have of working with Lisa Heck, it would be from working with her on the H1N1 clinics.  At the largest H1N1 Off-Site Vaccination Clinic at NKU, someone saw fit to give Lisa a bullhorn. We all arrived at the gymnasium and were figuring out where we were to be stationed for the day. As we were getting settled and people were lining up outside, Lisa addressed us all through the bull horn, giving us instructions and encouragement for the day.

I have always been impressed with Lisa’s commitment to fulfilling the Mission, Vision, Core Values, and 10 Essential Public Health Services. My primary interaction with her in my job has been through her efforts to Link to and Provide Care and Assure a Competent Workforce.

In my role as LEP Case Manager, the majority of my clients do not have access to health insurance or Medicaid. One of Lisa’s duties is to oversee the Women’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening programs. I have appreciated the fact more than once that Lisa was the administrative point person in this program. She demonstrated her commitment to improving the health and lives of women who would not be able to have diagnostic procedures without the existence of the Women’s Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening programs. At times that meant she had to be an advocate for people who otherwise would have been unable to seek treatment.

As a trainer and Quality Assurance Manager, Lisa always impressed me with her practical and clear explanations of processes and policy. During an employee training on charting, I began to become aware of the fact that Lisa truly saw things from an opportunity to improve the employees’ knowledge base and practice skills. Regardless of the topic, if you came to her with a question she would provide you with an answer she would stand by.

Lisa leaves her position with a high bar for achievement for her successor.

We will miss Lisa as she enters this next phase of her life. I think I will miss her sense of humor most. I have always thought that one of the funniest things Lisa has ever said is that she would never see the Health Department have an electronic medical record system, even when the date for implementation was prior to her plans to retire. As with most things, Lisa was right.

For all of these things and more, thank you, Lisa for your years of service at the Health Department.