Message from Senior Staff: Steve Divine, Director of Environmental Health and Safety

With any luck by the time you’re reading this, we have seen our last snowfall for the year and have turned the corner into spring and warmer weather. With the change in season comes hope and anticipation for what lies ahead. It is a time to take stock in where you are and where you are heading, along with a glance back at where you’ve been.

It’s been quite a busy time for us at the Health Department. We have an updated brand, with an eye-catching logo and expanded array of colors to boot. The website has been totally redone to present a clean and focused means for the public to locate program information. We have a new district office designed and built to allow for better and more efficient delivery of services to our communities. We’ll see various updates at other locations over time related to signage and safety measures.

Changes for the agency will continue–as always, there will be program and community issues that will need to be addressed by our staff. Some expected and others that will pop up out of nowhere, all part of the excitement and challenge of being public health professionals.

Many of you  also will be anticipating what a new season brings on a more personal level. For me, my son will be getting married soon and setting up his own family home. It seems like just yesterday that he needed me to feed him, do his laundry, run errands and give him money. No wait…that was yesterday.

Anyway, time flies and I look forward to what’s coming next.

On a similar note several folks that I have had the privilege to work with at the department will be moving on to new and exciting times in their own lives. Emily Gresham Wherle saw us through numerous encounters with reporters and bloggers in difficult situations about sometimes sensitive subjects. I have always appreciated her perspective and toughness at times when a team effort was needed.

We will also be saying goodbye to Jennifer Hunter, whom I have been lucky enough to call a colleague, a teammate, and most importantly, a friend for three decades. We have shared difficult times and great successes over the years and I wish Jennifer well as she discovers what is around the corner in her future endeavors. I’ll miss her and the times when small groups from our divisions would compare who had the most disgusting stories from experiences in our daily encounters in public health. Some things you just can’t unsee.

Finally, I wish all of you an eventful spring and summer. May you find enjoyment in your work and personal lives and anticipate good things ahead.