Data Tip: Need Data?

By Debbie Young, Public Health Informatics Manager

Chances are, the Planning Unit at the Health Department may have the information you need to make data-driven decisions. In addition to the three story maps published and maintained by the planning staff, Health in Northern Kentucky, GEOStory of Opioid Addiction and Health equity, we have been working diligently on data collection initiatives that may be of use to you or your staff.

Of particular interest may be the availability of birth and death records from vital statistics. NKY Health partnered with the Kentucky Department for Public Health and has obtained access to the birth and death records for the years 2010-2016. Those records are readily available to us for use in queries, reporting and mapping data needed for targeted interventions. Our first request to utilize these records comes from Clinical Services–we will be analyzing data from birth records on breastfeeding by county, ZIP code and hospital of birth.

In addition, the Planning Unit has been collecting location-based data on the opioid epidemic. One particular application which exemplifies the power of data visualization is a recent project that used overdose, Emergency Medical Services and acute hepatitis C data to provide maps of those neighborhoods highly impacted by the opioid epidemic. The maps will be used to target the distribution of heroin response door hangers to the streets and neighborhoods most affected by the epidemic. These types of targeted interventions assist us to reach those affected right where they live!

If you feel that analysis on data captured on birth or death records can assist your work responsibilities, please schedule a meeting with the planning staff to discuss your data needs.