Message from Senior Staff: Lynne Saddler, District Director of Health

Lynne Saddler

As you may recall, I have been writing a series of newsletter articles on our core values. How appropriate it is that this issue’s core value is linkage. Not only is it one of the most important ways that we carry out our public health mission, but it also has a direct connection to the move to our new district office.

At NKY Health, our core value of linkage means that we form and maintain internal and external relationships for the mutual benefit of the community through collaboration and the sharing of information, resources and ideas to achieve a common goal.

The priority health issues of Northern Kentucky are large and we cannot address them all by ourselves. Increasingly, we must partner with other people, agencies and communities if we are going to impact health outcomes in our region.

Just as important is our ability as staff to work together efficiently and effectively. To the extent that we can collaborate, share information and ideas, we can be more productive in serving the community.

Our new district office supports our core value of linkage by both its location and how it was designed to promote working together and working with community partners. It’s located in a readily accessible site, off Interstate-71/75 where future growth in our district is projected to occur. Furthermore, the building provides an opportunity to bring together staff who need to work together on a daily basis.

In addition, the building was designed to promote the exchange of information, the sharing of resources, and to facilitate partnerships among staff and in the community. There are collaborative spaces for formal meetings as well as less formal spaces that promote briefer exchanges of ideas and problem solving. We can host more of our partnership meetings with our community coalitions, task forces and collaboratives. This building is designed for how district-wide public health and administrative services should be provided now and for many years to come.

So, whether we think about linkage among staff or with people and communities or linkage to the future – the new district office supports our efforts to achieve a common goal of a healthier Northern Kentucky.

I hope you all will come see the opportunities for linkage in the new district office by coming to the March 14 open house.