Message from Senior Staff: Louise Kent, Planning Administrator 

It’s already here…time to reapply to maintain the Health Department’s status as an accredited health department!

Last spring, the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) released its process and requirements for health department reaccreditation. Since then, NKY Health’s staff ramped up efforts to be ready to apply during the first quarter of 2018—and their progress has been vigorous!

Preparing for reaccreditation is a structured process, spanning 12 domains, 31 standards, 90 measures and 107 documents. Three internal reaccreditation teams were assigned four domains each.

Members of NKY Health’s reaccreditation teams have been busy networking with co-workers to discuss details of our processes, procedures, protocols, activities and events. During the last few years, staff have updated and improved policies and created new policies to address emerging issues. They reviewed and obtained examples of the Health Department’s work, and drafted narratives that demonstrate conformity to PHAB’s Standards and Measures.

After initial narratives, examples and other documentation were drafted/obtained, team members met with their respective teams and Louise Kent or Debbie Young to obtain feedback and further sharpen the documentation.

When the teams completed their work, a three-level review process began, which is still in progress. Louise and Debbie, Emily Gresham Wherle and finally Dr. Saddler each perform an in-depth review of each document to ensure not only that the documentation conforms to the Standards and Measures, but that the writing flows and tells the story of the outstanding public health work we do.

Once the documentation is uploaded into PHAB’s electronic system, it will undergo a rigorous, multi-faceted, peer-reviewed assessment to ensure it meets or exceeds PHAB’s Standards and Measures.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress!