Office of the District Director of Health/Administration and Accounting Staff Meeting

By Debbie Young and Emily Gresham Wherle

Staff from the Administration and Accounting Division and the Office of the District Director of Health were able to escape the chaos of their daily routines, and enjoy a half-day of staff development on Dec. 6.

The afternoon began with a team building activity designed in the format of the popular “escape room” adventures. The team worked various puzzles, searched for keys and pieced together clues to provide the ability to unlock various layers; finally revealing the sought-after “treasure.” It was interesting to observe the ability of our team to work together in differing capacities to achieve the end goal. An extra thank you is extended to Louise Kent, the creative brain behind the game.

The next activity involved completion of a Quality of Life tool designed to provide individual feedback on four domains in our lives, specifically physical health, psychological health, relationships and our environments. This activity provided a basis for the following discussion on self-care: Kip Hatcher from St. Elizabeth’s Employee Assistance Program spoke about “Stress in a Chaotic World.” Her presentation drew much of its content from The Book of Joy: Lasting Happiness in a Changing World by the Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu and Douglas Carlton Abrams. Hatcher reminded us to slow down and check in with ourselves—to make sure that we have enough left over for ourselves. She said that we also need to practice the art of resiliency, and find ways that we can settle ourselves from the chaos, using techniques like meditation, exercise, etc.

As with the other meetings, Dr. Saddler provided her “State of the Health Department” update, and presented service awards. Congrats to Deborah Muench for 15 years of service and Howard Miles for five.

The meeting ended with a tour of the construction site for the new district office. To see the building for yourself, watch this video at: https://youtu.be/TOEA8-lutMc.