Message from Senior Staff: Karen Domaschko, Human Resources Administrator

By now you have used the new ADP Workforce Now at least to enter your time card. You may or may not have noticed how different the system looks. The information you use is laid out in a different format and there are new menus to navigate.

What you don’t see at first glance is how different the system is on the inside.

The old system (version 2) was a collection of three modules:

  1. Human Resources and Benefits
  2. Time and Attendance
  3. Payroll

ADP purchased these modules from other companies and pieced them together to form the system they called Workforce Now. Each module had its own database with its own set of rules for storing data. Sometimes the rules were the same from one-to-the-other; other times the rules were different. For example, one module worked with job titles up to 32 characters long; another required these to be shortened to six characters. Therefore, data had to go through various manipulations as it moved from module-to-module for processing. At best the system was awkward and slow; at worst, it was prone to error.

The new system (version 15) does a much better job of blending the three modules and uses just one database for all the records.

Before approving the migration to the new system and with the guidance of an implementation specialist from ADP, staff in Administration and Accounting and in Human Resources combed through the existing data and chose the format from each module that would best match the rules of the database in the new system. We then standardized the data to those rules and allowed ADP to move it.

Now that the data needed to process payroll is officially moved, we are working with ADP to move the remainder of the data (mostly training records). After all the data is migrated, we will set up the system to best meet the needs of the Health Department and its employees. We will be learning about our options for making the system as easy as possible to navigate and find information while implementing all the checks and balances needed to ensure that our payroll, record management and reporting systems are as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

We made this change because the old system was becoming more outdated and is no longer going to be supported. We were also concerned that the integrity of the data stored would soon be compromised at a critical level and might eventually result in serious payroll errors.

ADP assures us that once we all get used to the new design, as employees we will find this system much easier to use and as administrators, we will see fewer data errors.

Now that the move has been made, upgrades should happen continuously.

Eventually, we will ask you to review ALL your data to make sure it is accurate, change anything that is inaccurate, and add anything that is missing. For now, please make sure the basics (name, address, phone number, etc.) are accurate. Click on “Myself” then select “Personal Profile” and correct anything that is incorrect or needs to be updated. Please do this by Dec. 22 so we can roll into the new year confident that all of this is correct.

Thank you for your patience as Administration and Accounting and HR work through this process.