Go365 Program Provides a Path to Wellness for Staff, Community Members

By Kelly Schwegman, Health Educator II, Physical Activity and Nutrition, and Doug Thomas, Project Manager, Clinical Services

The Go365 program is an online tool that’s designed to help people understand their health status, and then empower participants to make healthy choices by offering incentives. Health Department staff have two roles related to the program: as participants and providers.

How you can use Go365

If you think it is hard to earn points in Go365, think again! There are many ways to rack up points and use them to get great discounts, or even free gifts through the Go365 virtual mall! Your activity will be driven through the Go365 website, https://www.go365.com/.

Health screenings

Your first step to get started on earning points is to complete a health screening—these will kick-start your points.

  • Get a Go365 Biometric Screening – this is what Clinical Services staff offers to employees periodically. You will not only get points for having this screening done, but it will also give you information needed to accurately complete the Go365 Health Assessment. If your results are in the range considered to be healthy, you’ll get additional points.
  • Complete the Go365 health assessment online. The online activity can be done once per year. When completed, results are used to generate a list of recommended activities to improve your health.

Additional activities

Beyond these health screenings, Go365 provides a ton of opportunities to earn additional points—and as you move through the various Go365 levels (bronze, silver, gold, platinum), you’ll accumulate bonus points. A few ways to get points:

  • Prevention: This includes activities like dental exams, vision exams and flu vaccinations.
  • Fitness: This includes verified workouts – like using a pedometer to track steps, participating in a sports league or athletic event like a 5k run/walk.
  • Education: This includes daily health quizzes, CPR certification, online health calculators, and first aid certification.
  • Healthy living: This includes blood donations
  • Kids: If you have children covered under your health plan, they can help you earn Go365 points through their preventive care visits, dental exams, vision exams, immunizations, flu shots, sports leagues and athletic events.

To view the point breakdown for everything listed above, you can check out the “Ways to Earn” PDF on the Go365 website under “quick links”.

Once you’ve earned points

Many Health Department employees save their points throughout the year, redeeming them for fitness devices or Amazon gift cards to help with holiday shopping. Other items available in the Go365 mall include store gift cards, designer purses, sets of golf clubs and an iPad!

If you have selected the LivingWell insurance plan this year, or plan to for next year, consider participating in the Go365 program…you have nothing to lose, and a lot of points and free rewards to gain!

How the Health Department provides Go365 programming

In addition to having staff take part in Go365 for their personal wellness program, the Health Department also offers Go365 screenings to other agencies that participate in the Kentucky employees insurance plans, such as school staff.

During fiscal year 2016-2017, Clinical Services staff provided more than 2,203 Go365 screenings at more than 100 scheduled events. Events, staffed by nurses from the four county health centers, were conducted in all four Northern Kentucky counties.

The program, now in its third year, continues to grow. Last fiscal year, new equipment was purchased and additional contract nurses were added to help meet the demand.

“Go365 gives the Health Department an opportunity to educate and engage in the community and assist with health choices,” said Anna Wolford, a Registered Nurse at the Boone County Health Center. “I enjoy helping and educating those who are unsure or unaware of what normal may be. It’s exciting to see members set goals and meet them…Go365 has also helped to motivate myself to work and set some wellness goals and continues to keep me motivated.”

Go365 is definitely a service that is in demand! Locations are asking to schedule their screenings a year ahead of time to be sure to be on our list. Screening events will begin January 2018.