Clinical Services Staff Meeting Recap

By Kimberly Rock-Shelton, Hispanic Case Manager

On Sept. 15, the Clinical Services division met for their annual training day.

First to speak was Jennifer Hunter who gave an overview of the successes Clinical Services had for the year, including:

  • The Syringe Access Exchange Program  located at the Grant County Health Center continues to grow. The program is operating smoothly and continues to offer services and referrals to substance abuse treatment programs.
  • Clinical staff also successfully started offering long–acting, reversible contraceptive methods in each of the four health centers.
  • Several initiatives took Clinical Services outside the walls of the health centers, including women’s health clinics at Brighton Recovery Center, TdaP immunization clinics to combat a pertussis outbreak, the launch of WIC services at HealthPoint Family Care’s Covington location and Williamstown Head Start, and planning for a similar setup at HealthPoint in Florence to begin later this year, and the Safety Net Services program offering home visits for women who have completed substance abuse treatment services at the Campbell County Detention Center.

Dr. Saddler then gave a presentation about the state of the Health Department and the unique challenges the organization continues to face as it plans and adapts to promote and protect the health of citizens in Northern Kentucky.

Representatives from two vaccine manufacturers, Sanofi and Pfizer, reinforced the importance of work to ensure that all children in Northern Kentucky are vaccinated against vaccine-preventable diseases. One of the new vaccines on the market will protect children and young adults from an additional strain of meningitis.

Substance Abuse Health Educator Laura Brinson gave staff an annual training on Naloxone distribution and usage. Naloxone overdose reversal kits are available in conjunction with the Syringe Access Exchange Program at Grant County Health Center, and as a stand-alone service at centers in Boone, Campbell and Kenton Counties. The goal is to make this lifesaving medication readily available to those who are struggling with substance use disorder and those who have family and friends struggling with substance abuse disorder.

Kentucky’s Rescue and Restore’s Human Trafficking Victims Advocate, Lisa Ramstetter, gave a presentation about the reality of human trafficking in Northern Kentucky. Lisa reminded us to be aware that any of our clients could be the victim of human trafficking for sex and/or work. Being able to take the time to build trust and rapport with our clients is key to being able to help someone escape from this form of modern day slavery.

The continuous quality improvement project team tackling the issues of coding and billing rolled out a new Patient Encounter Form that will hopefully make it easier for providers to code the services accurately so the Health Department can bill Medicaid more easily and receive more prompt reimbursement for services.

Lastly, Mary Ann Stewart, legal counsel for the Health Department, presented on the topic of legal custody documentation and how to determine when providers can legally provide services like vaccines to children who are not living with their biological parents.

Service awards
Congratulations to the following Clinical Services staff with 10 years or more of service:

  • Maria Bellizzi-Dade, 10 years
  • Devin Landers, 10 years
  • Kelly Parsons, 10 years
  • Kimberly Rock-Shelton, 10 years
  • Bridget Shukla, 10 years
  • Tammy Foxworthy, 15 years
  • Sue Landers, 20 years