Where Do You Go to Find the Latest Health Data?

As a data-driven organization, we are tasked with utilizing data in decisions that we make every day. Over the past two years, the planning unit has been diligently working on projects to make data readily available to our staff, community partners and elected officials, as well as the public.

These reports are not static; Planning is committed to updating them as new data becomes available.

One aspect of these projects has been partnering with data providers to ensure that we have access to the latest data, when it is ready to be released. Below are three data story maps, with brief descriptions, that are readily accessible for your data needs:

  1. Health in Northern Kentucky contains county-level health information for each of our four counties. Data includes population and demographics, mortality, births and infant mortality, infectious disease and more.
  2. GEOStory of Opioid Addiction contains opioid-related data for the eight counties of the Northern Kentucky Area Development District. It serves as a data repository for the Health Department, Heroin Impact Response Task Force (HIRT) and other local organizations battling the opioid epidemic. Data includes information on deaths (by county), infectious diseases impacted by the epidemic, police and EMS data including arrests and ambulance runs, naloxone usage, health care hospitalizations and prescribing rates (by county).
  3. Health equity (to be posted soon on nkyhealth.org): This report identifies health disparities within Northern Kentucky. Seventeen regions were established based on geographic contiguity, as well as income and education levels. Health indicators were mapped utilizing data from various sources, including vital statistics and the Kentucky Behavioral Risk Surveillance Survey.  Northern Kentucky’s three priority health issues (obesity, heart disease and substance abuse) are just some of the topics covered in this report.

In addition to the projects above, the planning unit will be establishing a data governance policy to ensure appropriate access, security, privacy and integrity of organizational data. An initial meeting of designated data champions will be convening in October. Stay tuned for data updates which will be noted in upcoming News ‘n’ Views issues.