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The Health Department provides services to the community through four divisions:  Environmental Health and Safety, Population Health and Clinical Services and the Office of the District Director of Health.  In addition, the Health Department services its internal customers through the Administration and Accounting division.

Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for enforcing state regulations that deal with many of the community safety and sanitation issues. This division addresses food safety issues (restaurant inspections and food managers training), vector control (rabies and West Nile Virus investigations), sewer and sanitation inspections, and the monitoring of public environments for disease control (swimming pool inspections, animal bites). 

In addition, Environmental Health and Safety provides education and monitoring devices for radon gas, and helps coordinate the agency's disaster preparedness efforts, such as the Medical Reserve Corps program.

Population Health services are provided through a wide variety of programs which assess the community’s health status and plan to address health problems, prevent disease through lifestyle changes, and provide for the needs of vulnerable populations when gaps in services exist.  Tobacco prevention and control, physical activity and nutrition, and HIV prevention are examples of the many health promotion and education services. In addition, the Health Department is the sole provider of case management services for individuals who are HIV positive and their families.   

Population Health staff also track communicable diseases and provide oral health services.
A man getting a flu vaccine
Clinical Services provides immunizations to children and adults and family planning services for women.  The WIC (Women, Infants and Children) nutritional supplement program is also coordinated through Clinical Services.  WIC provides nutritional counseling and healthy food to childbearing women and their children.

Many other preventive health services are also provided through this division, including home visits for new parents and their babies, screening, self-care education and management of diabetes and cancer.

Other services provided through the Office of the District Director of Health include human resources, public information and community health planning. The Northern Kentucky Public Health Institute is also coordinated through the Director's office.

Notices to clients
The Health Department is required to share the following notices with its clients and visitors: