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HIV Case Management Program: Financial Assistance

Any individual, regardless of his or her income level, who resides in Kentucky and is HIV positive, may receive general case management services free of charge, including HIV information, support group referrals, budgeting, emotional support and medical care referrals. To be eligible for financial assistance, the individual or household must be at or below 500% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.  

The Kentucky HIV/AIDS Care Coordinator Program is mostly a government funded program that is considered the payer of last resort, which means if there are other resources or funds available, these should be used first. Services may vary depending on available funding and priority areas and is not guaranteed. Payments are not made directly to clients.

Health insurance policyThe following programs require documentation of need and proof of income and/or insurance:

Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program helps eligible low-income Kentuckians purchase AIDS-related, FDA-approved medications. Participants receive medications through mail-order service provided by the Kentucky Clinic Pharmacy in Lexington. Formulary
Kentucky Health Insurance Continuation Program provides payments for the continuation of health insurance benefits for eligible persons who are at risk of losing their employee health benefits or private-pay health insurance because of HIV-related disease.

Housing Opportunities for Persons With AIDS is a fund for short term emergency assistance that helps with rent, mortgage payments and utilities including electricity, gas, water and sewage. Eligibility is established by how many persons are living in the home and total family income. Assistance cannot be used for deposits, down payments, or first month’s rent. The following forms should be completed by your landlord if applying for rental assistance and returned in order to apply:

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