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Program Managers

District Director of Health's Office
Administration and Accounting
Clinical Services
Environmental Health and Safety
Population Health
District Director of Health's Office

Ned Kalapasev, Database/GIS Manager
859.341.4264, Ext. 2030 or

Debbie Young, Health Informatics Manager
859.341.4264, Ext. 2086 or
Administration and Accounting
Deborah Muench, Budget/Grants Manager
859.341.4264, Ext. 5460 or
Howard Miles, IT Manager
859.341.4264, Ext. 2058 or
Clinical Services

Lisa Heck, Quality Assurance Manager
859.341.4264, Ext.2010 or

Sue Landers, Support Services Manager
859.341.4264, Ext. 2040 or

Donna Mullen, Campbell County Health Center
859.431.1704 or

Julia Gottschalk, Boone County Health Center
859.363.2060, Ext. 2067 or

Tina Prince, Kenton County Health Center
859.363.2110 or

Doug Thomas, Projects Manager
859.363.2074 or

Cathy Winston, Nutrition Manager
859.431.3345 Ext. 2112 or
Debbie Wright, Grant County Health Center
859.824.5074, Ext. 3691 or
Environmental  Health and Safety

Laura Strevels, Environmental Health Manager
859.341.4151, Ext. 2022 or
Ted Talley, Environmental Health Manager
859.341.4151, Ext. 2027 or
Population Health

Linda Poynter, Oral Health Program Manager
859.341.4264, Ext. 2035 or
Joyce Rice, Epidemiology Manager
859.363.2070, Ext. 2073 or

Marsha Bach, Health Promotion Manager
859.341.4264, Ext. 2095 or
Mary Singler, Health Promotion Manager
859.341.4264, Ext. 2083 or