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Make It Your Business to Prevent the Spread of Bed Bugs

Learn the basics. Read the bed bugs fact sheet for details.
Tips for preventing bed bug infestation at home

Bed bugs can come to work
Dealing with an infestation
What are your employees doing?
Bed bugs can come to work
The fact is that through our jobs or in our lives outside of work, all of us have the potential to be exposed to bed bugs.
Bed bugs are most commonly found in residences. But the potential exists for them to be transported to and from almost any public building, vehicle or work site.
Bed bugs have been encountered in hotels/motels, health care facilities, college dormitories, schools, libraries, movie theaters, Laundromats, furniture and appliance rental stores, and office buildings.
Dealing with an infestation
Treatment by a professional exterminator is necessary for any bed bug infestation. A high heat method or a combination of insecticides may be used. Multiple applications may be required.
In apartments and hotels, extermination of nearby units will also be required.
The exterminator may determine that the furniture may have to be discarded, especially if heavily infested with bed bugs. Follow recommendations about laundering and cleaning up clutter, both of which help to ensure that bed bugs are completely eradicated.
What are your employees doing?
Certain professions are at greater risk for being exposed to bed bugs, simply by the nature of their work.

Seeing clients in an office or clinic setting

Visiting clients’ homes or performing other types of field visits

Working in a school or child care facility

Traveling and staying in hotels