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Summary of Senate Bill 172

Physical activity
How can the Health Department assist schools?
Additional background on SB 172


  • Bans soft drink sales in elementary schools during the school day (excludes teacher lounges)
  • Allows elementary schools to sell water, juice, low-fat milks (plain or flavored) and other beverages that contain less than 10 grams of sugar per serving
  • Limits retail food in cafeterias to only once per week
  • Requires that the school food service director or other person who is responsible for meal planning to become credentialed or certified
  • Requires eight hours annually of nutrition education for school food service directors and two hours for cafeteria managers
  • Requires an annual report on the school nutrition and physical activity environment

Physical activity

  • Requires local school-based councils in elementary schools (or the school principal in cases where elementary schools don't have a school-based council) to develop and implement a wellness policy that includes daily physical activity
  • Schools must have put a wellness policy in place by the beginning of the 2006-2007 school year
  • The bill states "up to 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes per week of physical activity to be included as instructional time."
    • Note: There is no minimum amount of physical activity that is required, because one of the compromises to get the bill passed was that each school's site-based decision making council will have the power to decide on the amount of time spent on physical activity.
  • Schools need to consult with a certified physical education/activity person to develop any physical activity programming. Many school personnel were confused by this and thought that a certified PE teacher had to be the one instructing the kids - this is not the case according to the legislation
    • This means that once a certified person has consulted with the teachers in the school, the teachers then have the ability to integrate physical activity into their classrooms during the school day
    • The site-based decision making council will decide how they are going to handle this

How can the Health Department assist schools?

  • Provide teachers with examples of how to integrate physical activity into the classrooms (i.e. research-based curricula)
  • Draft model policies and provide expertise on legislation before the next session
  • Make schools aware that the experts in the field (i.e. health educators, registered dietitians, etc.) are available to help make these changes as effective and as painless as possible

Contact us at 859.341.4264.
Additional background on SB 172

Frequently asked questions and answers about SB 172
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