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Safe Storage and Disposal of Prescription Medicines
Man with Rx bottle

Keep your medicines secure so that a child, a teenager, or even a stranger, does not get into them. You may help prevent an accidental injury, and help stop possible abuse of prescription drugs.

Take an inventory of your medicines. Check for any that have expired or that you no longer use.

Dispose of medication properly. Take advantage of medication disposal programs. Two types are available in Northern Kentucky:

Lock up your medicines. Use a cabinet or a drawer with a lock on it, or a product designed for secure medication storage. Be especially careful to lock up any controlled substances that have been prescribed for you, such as painmedications. You play a big role in keeping medicines out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them.

Disposal of needles and syringes
The medication dropboxes and drug disposal pouches cannot be used for needles and syringes; however, if you need to dispose of needles or other medical waste at your home, this fact sheet from the Kentucky Department for Environmental Protection has tips on how to protect yourself and those who pick up your trash. 

Drug disposal pouches pick-up locations

Boone County Health Center, 7505 Burlington Pike,  Florence
Boone County Senior Center, 5874 Veterans Way, Burlington
Campbell County Health Center, 1098 Monmouth St., Newport
Campbell County Senior and Wellness Center,
3504 Alexandria Pike, Highland Heights
City of Edgewood, 385 Dudley Road, Edgewood
Elsmere Senior Center, 179 Dell Ave., Elsmere
Florence Senior Center: 7431 U.S. Highway 42, Florence
Grant County Health Center, 234 Barnes Road, Williamstown
HealthPoint Family Care, 103 Landmark Drive, Bellevue
HealthPoint Family Care, 1401 Madison Ave., Covington
HealthPoint Family Care, 7607 Dixie Highway, Florence
Independence Senior and Community Center,
2001 Jack Woods Parkway, Independence
Kenton County Health Center, 2002 Madison Ave., Covington
Ludlow Pharmacy, 130 Elm St., Ludlow
Ludlow Senior Center, 808 Elm St., Ludlow
Northern Kentucky Health Department, 610 Medical Village Drive, Edgewood
Walton Pharmacy, 305 Mary Grubbs Highway, Walton
Walton Senior Center, 44 North Main St., Walton
Williamstown Senior Center, 400 N. Main St., Williamstown

Kroger Pharmacies
53 Donnermeyer Drive, Bellevue
9950 Berberich Drive, Florence
635 Chestnut Drive, Walton
1525 Madison Ave., Covington
4303 Winston Ave., Covington
3105 North Bend Road, Hebron
375 Crossroads Blvd., Cold Spring
130 Pavilion Parkway, Newport
8825 U.S. Highway 42, Union
1751 Patrick Drive, Burlington
7685 Mall Road, Florence
1700 Declaration Drive, Independence
2150 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell
3158 Dixie Highway, Erlanger
70 Martha Layne Collins Blvd., Cold Spring