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Northern Kentucky Public Health Institute

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has defined 10 Essential Public Health Services that are vital to maintaining community health. Two of those 10 services are to “assure a competent public and personal health care workforce" and to "research for new insights and innovative solutions to health problems."
Northern Kentucky Public Health Institute logoIn order to achieve this goal, the Northern Kentucky Public Health Institute was created. The institute focuses on 4 areas of collaboration:

1. Public health workforce development

2. Public health education

3. Public health practice

4. Public health translational research


The Northern Kentucky Public Health Institute offers learning opportunities that help public health professionals meet new and expanding challenges. It helps to ensure that public health workers have the training and opportunities they need to provide the highest quality services to our citizens. The institute builds relationships with academia to connect Northern Kentucky Health Department staff with expertise in various disciplines, as well as provide meaningful learning experiences to students interested in a career in public health.

The institute provides ongoing workforce and leadership development for public health professionals through programs such as internships, practicum opportunities, capstones, rotations, service learning, observations, Preventive Medicine residencies, public health education and training. Partnerships continue to be formed and strengthened between public health agencies, universities, schools and other entities. The institute also guides prospective research investigators through the Health Department's research application process.
The Northern Kentucky Public Health Institute is based out of the Northern Kentucky Health Department, and is administered by Health Department staff. The Northern Kentucky Public Health Institute is funded by the Health Department through general strategic planning funds.

Partnerships have been established with several academic institutions, including the University of Cincinnati, the University of Louisville, Northern Kentucky University and the University of Kentucky.
Public health degrees can lead to a variety of rewarding career choices. For a current list of Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) accredited schools and programs, go to
For more information on the institute, please contact Louise Kent at 859.344.5474. If you are interested in a learning experience with the Northern Kentucky Public Health Institute, please complete this form.

View our policies and procedures on research opportunities with the Health Department and a research proposal form